Company Profile

About the Company                                                        FERN and DSM partnership on Wellness Revolution

In 2003, a group of successful business practitioners came together with a vision to alleviate poverty by creating equal opportunities for every Filipino. Hence, the birth of FERN, Inc., a SEC-registered company which engages in direct selling and network marketing. Through its partnership with DSM, it offer various world class products that are high quality, innovative and effective and are affordable even to the mass market. To date, it has already help thousands of families experience a healthy and financially stable life.

FERN-C, a potent high quality Vitamin C supplement from DSM Switzerland, gained popularity and triggered an instant demand. From a small business in 2003, it was this sole product which catapulted FERN, Inc. into a billion-peso company that it is today. FERN-C is the leading Vitamin C in the Philippines and this feat was accomplished in less than 3 years from its launch through the efforts of its members, the FERN networkers.

In December 2008, FERN Slim, an innovative weight management product was launched. After only six months in the market, FERN Slim ranked to be one of the top selling weight loss products in the market.

These 2 winning products delivered exactly what they promised. FERN-C and FERN Slim gave FERN, Inc. the Superbrands status that it has today.

Riding on the wave of success, from its first 2 offerings in 2010, FERN, Inc. launch FERN Coffee Mix, the coffee with more perks. This is the first coffee mix in the market to have 8 vitamins and minerals.

Soon after the success of FERN Coffee Mix, the company introduced FERN I-flex, another star in the FERN family. It is a safe and all natural joint health supplement.

Today with all the winning products under FERN, Inc. coupled with a very strong financial and corporate governance, the company stands as one of the most financially stable multi-level marketing companies in the country.

With the continued success of FERN, Inc., it has become a reality today for FERN, Inc. to go global by establishing another company, that is, FERN INTERNATIONAL or i-fern. I-fern is a company that will pave the way for Filipinos to be Global Entrepreneurs.